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 The Pitch

Cricket was played on turf at Brunswick Street until 1986, and the Mighty Burra has the chance to bring it back! We are fundraising to bring turf back to historic WT Peterson Oval (Brunswick St Oval) in Fitzroy North. This stunning ground is used almost daily in cricket season by hundreds of junior players, and senior players of all ages.  We aim to provide cricket for everyone, including the rapidly growing numbers of talented Burra boys and girls who can develop further on turf.  

The Victorian government has generously funded $51,000, but we need another $100,000 in funds and services to install a turf square that will hold 5 turf wickets. You can donate at the link above, or read on for more information!

We welcome questions, offers of assistance and suggestions, so please get in touch at

Recognition Levels and President's Appeal

For information on how we will recognise the generousity of our donors, and more on how turf will benefit the Burra, please read a personal appeal from our President, Stuart Whiley, here.  

More questions?

If you want more information on the costs of the project, we have posted the budget here in the interests of transparency. 

For an overlay showing where the wickets will be installed, see here

FAQ for current players and families is posted below.  

Any other questions or for more accesible versions of our information, please do get in touch at


FAQ for current players and families

If you want more information on the costs of the project, we have posted the budget here in the interests of transparency. 

For an overlay showing where the wickets will be installed, see here

Why is the club shifting to turf?

The club is working to add a turf option across the club in addition to our existing programs. We will continue our inclusive approach in developing our coaching, development and community programs, and will apply that approach to turf as well.

Top level cricket is played on turf and with the ongoing growth in our numbers, particularly at younger ages, we believe it is critical to provide turf opportunities within the local community.   We have received very strong positive feedback from our U14s and U18s who for the last two years have played on turf at Yarra Bend and are certain this is the right direction for us to add to the club.  Further, there is a significant gap in top level opportunities for women's cricket in our region that we believe we are well placed to fill.  It will be a tremendous development for our community-focused Club to help our junior girls and boys and senior men and women play top-level cricket on the best surface for the game, at the home of the Mighty Burra.

How long will the ground be out of action in 2018/19?

Unavoidably, there will be some disruptions during 2018/19, however we are well progressed to minimise the impact of this to our members:

  • Saturday morning games will continue using the outfield without any interruptions;
  • The ground is expected to be ready for games on the synthetic pitch by mid-late November;
  • We are working to finalise access to McCutcheon Oval for our senior men on a Saturday to move to turf from next season; and
  • We are working with our other grounds and the competitions to manage this disruption with the least impact

Why is the synthetic pitch remaining on the ground?

Ground utilisation.  The ground is used 7 days per week during cricket season between games and training.  Retaining a synthetic pitch on the ground allows us to ensure the ground can be used to its maximum extent.  This allows for junior games mid-week, Saturday morning and to cover other games where for some reason the turf is not prepared.

What does this mean for juniors and other sections of the club?

Opportunity.  As per above, other than the initial installation, retaining the synthetic pitch means we will still use BSO to the same extent as we would have without turf (likely with our ongoing growth, this means more use than current).  In addition to this, we will have more opportunities for teams to experience playing on turf – intention is for some Friday night games and some Sunday games. 

Can we afford the ongoing costs?

The ongoing cost is ~7-10% of our current turnover.  The club has done extensive financial modelling and believes that even with relatively conservative projections on membership numbers and sponsorships, we can manage the increased expense.  It is worth noting, that there are some realisable synergies between the turf and some of our other expenditure which further supports this.

How can I help?

Great question! State Government has committed $51k to the project, but we need to raise a further $100k on top of this.  You can make a tax deductible donation here: and we will need to secure some equipment (roller, covers etc), so any suggestions or assistance on procurement are greatly appreciated.

Will the club recognise donors?

Absolutely! We will have permanent recognition of donors, with a number of levels available.  We will also recognise donations of time and materials - for more information, please see the last page of our President's Appeal