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Insurance and Occupational Health and Safety

Edinburgh Cricket Club is committed to ensuring the safety of all members and club visitors. The Club is part of Cricket Australia's National Club Risk Protection Program, arranged by JLT Sport. 

Making a claim

Firstly report the claim to Echelon (formerly known as JLT Claims Management Services). This can be done one of two ways:

1. Download a claim form. You will need to send the claim form to us with any medicalaccounts for reimbursement

2. Phone Echelon (formerly JLT Claims Management Services) on 1800 640 009 (this is a toll free number from anywhere in Australia). Claims staff will send a claim form to you for completion. In all cases you will be allocated a claim number, which should be detailed on any future accounts or correspondence relating to the same claim

For more information, visit the the Cricket Australia National Club Risk Protection Program website or speak to Brad Shadbolt.

More information about Edinburgh's committment to Health and Safety is provided in the ECC Occupational health and safety policy.